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Welcome to iNet Business Strategies

iNet Business Strategies (iNet) is a leader in the provision of search engine marketing strategies and websites.  We believe that search engine marketing is pivotal to the online success of our clients’ businesses.

At iNet we love search engine marketing, it's what we do day in and day out on behalf of our growing client base.
Our business is to ensure through search engine marketing and superior websites our clients:
  • build their businesses,
  • improve their bottom line
  • control their marketing spending
  • and drive their online advertising budgets further.
We do this by:
  • getting to know you and your business
  • making your website stand out from your competitors
  • implementing the most applicable and up-to-date internet strategies
  • using our proven systems
  • tailoring our solutions to meet the individual needs of your business.
Everything we do at iNet is focussed on making online marketing for your business simple for you.  While the concepts and strategies we apply are leading edge and often technical our communications with clients are designed to match the level of technical knowledge of the client – we talk your language.

Everything we do at iNet is designed to achieve measurable results from your online marketing.

The reality is simple - if you want your website to succeed, it needs to be a hit with both customers and search engines, iNet can help you get there.

To discover how iNet can assist you in achieving your online marketing goals visit our key areas of expertise.
Internet Marketing - SEO & Social Media

If it is seen that this form of marketing is right for a business iNet works with the client to plan the correct social strategy. Far too often we have seen businesses making errors simply by dabbling with social platforms without having a strategy. And don’t forget with social media a mistake is out there for the whole world to see and judge!

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Website Development & Design

As with any other aspect of your business your online presence needs to be built on both sound foundations and the right foundations. At iNet we provide professionally developed, designed and written websites. Our websites are not only tailored to meet our clients current needs but also scalable to grow as their business grows.

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Corporate Branding

Your corporate brand is much more than a logo it is everything that is special or unique about your business. It is everything that you do in your business and everything that emanates from your business. We at iNet know the importance of good branding and we can assist you in establishing the right corporate identity for your business.

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