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Corporate Branding

Your corporate identity is how your business is seen, or wants to be seen, in the community.  It is your brand and includes things such as your logo and trademarks.

Your logo is how customers visually identify with your business; it is your visual face in the market place.

Your corporate identity or brand is much more than a logo it is everything that is special or unique about your business.  It is everything that you do in your business and everything that emanates from your business.

Large companies spend huge amounts of money building and maintaining their brand, it is that important to them.  Think Coca Cola, Virgin or Woolworths.

We at iNet know the importance of good branding and we can assist you in establishing the right corporate identity for your business.

We also know that consistency throughout all your dealings is vital.  Your website and printed material should be consistent in look, content and style.  The same applies to your direct dealings with customers – they need to have a buying experience that is distinctly from your business.

A great brand is one of the single most important assets you can invest in.

iNet has expertise to assist you in the following critical areas in building and maintaining your corporate identity:
  • Graphic design – the visual interpretation of your corporate identity including logos, brochures and any other printed material
  • Website design
  • Corporate positioning – conceptualising and defining
  • what you and your business stand for
  • what is unique and special about your business
  • how to make your business stand out from your competitors
  • how you deliver these “messages” to your customers
  • Copywriting – your website, brochures and other marketing material, corporate identity statements/documents and sales and marketing communications – printed or electronic
  • Advertising
Let our experts take the hassle out of these specialist areas for you and let you get on with what you do best – running your business.

Let iNet assist you to establish and build the brand you want and ensure consistent delivery of your Corporate Branding Identity to your customers. Please Click Here to Enquire Online TODAY or Call Us on 02 9594 1087 to take the first steps in taking on your market place with confidence and certainty.
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