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FAQ's - The common question asked in our industry.

Many of our business clientelle ask why do we need to do this, will there be a result and how do we measure this?

So we have listed the top 5 question we keep getting asked...

SEO - Search engine optimisation. Why?

The concept of SEO sounds quite simple – SEO improves the visability of your website to a search engine.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to have your website placed as highly as possible on the search engine rankings.  At iNet we always strive for page 1!...  more

Social Media Marketing, "I need it, why?"

Social media and social media marketing seem to be the flavour of the month at the moment. "I NEED IT".

STOP... The important factor here is you the business owners need to be aware is that you don’t just have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, to reap any benefit from them you need to be constantly working on them, updating them and attracting genuine “likes” and “followers” to succeed. 

"Social media is not set and forget."... more

Do I need a Content Management System (CMS), why?

As with any other aspect of your business your online presence needs to be built on sound foundations, not only sound foundations but the right foundations that can be easily modified by you.

The right Foundation CMS WILL enhance your online presence and business capabilities.

Your CMS needs to be built on a website that has been constructed with your business and your needs in mind. Beware of the a one-size fits all template that is massaged to be nearly what you want.  Far too often we have seen businesses, which have invested significant sums in websites have to start again because of these factors. more...

Why is your Corporate Branding so important?

Your corporate brand or identity is how your business is seen, or wants to be seen, in the business community.  It is your brand and includes things such as your logo and trademarks.

More importantly it is everything that you do in your business and everything that emanates from your business. more...

Do I need a Copywriter to write my website?

Many businesses underestimate the importance of well-written, targeted content on a website.  A website must have content that says to a visitor “read me” and then “buy me.”

A typical scenario is that a website is professionally developed for a business and then content is provided by the business owner (who fits the job in among the 101 other things that need to be done at the time) or the content is designated to someone in the business who has a “few minutes to spare.”  more...

What is behind successful search marketing?

Leaving aside all of the technical stuff that we do at iNet to enhance search marketing opportunities the simple answer is consistency and regularity.

Search marketing is no different from any other form of more traditional marketing. more...

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