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What constitutes good website content?

Almost invariably success in any venture is built on a solid foundation.

That is as true for search marketing as it is for any other aspect of a business’s interactions with its customers or potential customers.

The solid foundation that is needed for successful search marketing is the content of the relevant website.

Content on which you can build successful search marketing campaigns.

Good content comprises a number of elements, including:

  • Content Quality – The quality of your content needs to take your site out of the ordinary and must have a wow factor to keep visitors on your site and explore a few more pages. One of the best ways to do this is by offering something of real value which they are unlikely to find on other sites. It should be something that relates to your business, be easy for you to provide and establish a connection between you and the visitor

Content needs to be updated regularly to keep it fresh and interesting, avoiding common bug bears such as:

    1. A news or what’s happening page with news or happenings that are very old.
    2. A page which has no information or something like “this page is currently under construction” as its only content.

    These “errors” are actually harmful to your credibility.

  • Keywords and research – Your content needs to contain the actual search terms that people are using when searching and your content needs to be written in such a way so that it matches the enquiry. It is important to remember that searchers are more often than not general in their language and using technical terms may not match their enquiry.

      • You need to talk like a customer not like an insider and at all times avoid industry jargon.

        As search marketers we have a variety of tools to ensure that we are using the optimum keywords for our clients.

    • Use keywords correctly – Keywords need to be repeated throughout your content to ensure maximum visibility to search engines. The precise number of times isn’t set and it is important to remember that the content has to make sense and be readable. Use them regularly but naturally.

      • And no – you can’t just repeat the keywords over and over the search engines are far too smart for that and your site would go to the bottom of the list.

      • Keep your content up-to-date – As a search engine goes over and over websites one of the main things it looks for is new or fresh content. Fresh content cause the search engine to pause and take in what is happening on the site in question.
          Again the search engines are too smart to allow sites to simply add pages, reverse orders or other cosmetic changes, they look for changes to content that reflect what people are actually looking for with regard to the particular business. Again this constantly changes and requires ongoing monitoring.

          Leave your content static and it will get shuffled down the page.
        • Content that involves and engages – A successful website is not only visited often but is also one where visitors stay on the site for a substantial period of time and visit more pages than just the Home Page or Landing Page. They stay on your site rather than heading off to the next site.

        • Again this is measured by search engines to assess the relative value of the site and by search marketers like iNet as it provides valuable metrics by which we can judge and optimise performance.

          To involve and engage the visitor you need to have well written and informative content which is externally rather than inwardly focussed, that is, written, always thinking, what would be valuable and interesting for the reader and not with the mindset “this is what I want the reader to know and click here to purchase.”

          Engagement and involvement can be heightened through the concurrent use of social media as part of your search strategy.

          There is no doubt content is king and to remain king of your castle you need the right content and be vigilant and work at it/update it constantly.

          If you are interested in finding out more about this service or arranging a review edit and update please call us on 9547 2005.

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