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What is behind successful search marketing

One of the most common questions we get asked at iNet is “What is behind successful search marketing?” Leaving aside all of the technical stuff that we do at iNet to enhance search marketing opportunities the simple answer is consistency and regularity. Search marketing is no different from any other form of more traditional marketing. The more you are out there and the more regularly you attempt to interact with potential customers the more likely you are to be successful.

That part of the equation isn’t rocket science.

This truism is absolutely borne out in our work with our clients, those clients who engage in regular, ongoing search marketing initiatives consistently achieve better results and better search engine rankings than those clients who engage in search marketing on a more ad hoc basis.

At iNet our goal is, by using our sophisticated and successful search marketing techniques, to achieve a page one ranking on Google for each of our clients.

What technical aspects go into the majority of successful search marketing campaigns?

1. Search engine optimisation (SEO) which is used to improve the visibility of your website to a search engine and is a combination of all the processes, enhancements and tweaking that can be done to your website to ensure a high ranking without paying the search engine to “artificially” enhance its standing. Search engines don’t charge for SEO.

2. Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM is a comprehensive search engine strategy where small to medium businesses gain greater exposure by leveraging a combination of paid strategies in addition to general SEO. These strategies can include:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) or AdWords
  • Banner ads
  • Sponsored links
  • Affiliate sites

For a more comprehensive summary of what is involved in each of these strategies visit our Search Engine Optimisation or prehaps Social Media Marketing sections.

Finally it is worth emphasising it is through a combination of these strategies that businesses achieve the best results. Please call us on 02 9547 2005 if you would like more information or a review of your search marketing options.

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