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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is tagging a website and saving it for later. Instead of saving the site to your web browser, you save it to the web. And, because bookmarks are online, they can easily be shared with others.

In its simplest form Social bookmarking can be sending a link in an email.

Social bookmarking started out as a way to send bookmarks to friends and has now grown into what are effectively social search engines.   The effect is to cut out thousands and thousands of listings by allowing searchers to simply go to a social bookmarking site, choose the category or tag that matches their interest, and find the most popular websites.

Effective social bookmarking takes time and at iNet we know the best results are achieved by businesses who establish their social bookmarking presence in a planned systematic manner.

Social bookmarking delivers “themed style” traffic to your website.  Visitors or social traffic will increase on a monthly basis, and commence to maintain a social network. Once established a multiplier effect takes place and offering the potential for thousands of quality links.  Establishing quality links is a vital aspect of search engine optimisation.

iNet Social Bookmarking Management is part of our overall online marketing strategy offered through search engine optimisation (SEO).

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