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Website Development and Design

As with any other aspect of your business your online presence needs to be built on sound foundations, not only sound foundations but the right foundations.

Your online presence and online business capabilities need to be built on a website that has been constructed with your business and your needs in mind, not from a one-size fits all template that is massaged to be nearly what you want.  Far too often we have seen businesses, which have invested significant sums in websites have to start again because of these factors.

At iNet we provide our clients with the website that they need not an off the shelf model.  At iNet we provide professionally developed, designed and written websites, not only tailored to meet our clients current needs but also scalable to grow as their business grows.  

All of the websites that we build ensure that your business has the greatest possible online impact.  All iNet designed web sites are:
  • intuitive to your business environment,
  • clear and concise,
  • deliver user-friendly content to your audience,
  • relevant for the search engines matching your website to potential customers.

Why do you need an iNet website?

  • The iNet Business Strategies team know what it takes to make an online business work.
  • Our experience can be the vital ingredient needed to boost your bottom line, increase brand awareness, and profile you to a global audience.
  • All iNet websites are designed for easy content management.
  • We work with all types of industries and we recognise that no two businesses are the same.
  • Our websites are designed to meet the demands of today's online world providing a stand-out and professional online presence to provide you with the stature to impress sales-prospects, subscribers, or current clientele.
  • We massage and match your current promotional and sales material, press articles, product launch fliers or favourite corporate brochure into online content so that your corporate identity is maintained and there is consistency of presentation.

All iNet websites are built with your ecommerce objectives in mind.

A content management system (CMS) is simply a system to manage the content of a website.

In the early days of the internet CMS’s were complicated and needed to be managed by experienced technicians.  These days most good CMS can be managed by the website owner.

Now it is generally accepted that a good CMS should be... more

If you are looking to sell your products or services online your ecommerce website is your shopfront.

If you want to succeed in the world of ecommerce you need to start with the right foundations – the right website, providing the right services all backed up by the right technology and access to the best technical and business support.

To achieve this you need look no further than iNet as your ecommerce partner ....more

Does your business offer a reasonably static product or service range?

Static Websites
Static websites can be any number of pages and can be customised and built to suit your needs. Static websites cannot be easily updated or altered once they are live and any changes need to be done by iNet or other qualified programmer.

Brochure Websites
Brochure websites generally contain 5 or less pages and are designed to showcase your products or services on the internet and reflect your traditional printed brochure. Brochure websites cannot be simply updated ....more

In the world of today almost everyone seems to be carrying their entire life in their pocket – on their smart phone.

More and more of your potential customers are using smart phones and other mobile devices to access the internet. Current statistics show that two thirds of smart phone users are using their smart phones to search on Google.

A mobile website is a website designed specifically for the small screens of a smart phone. Generally mobile websites present their pages in narrow columns and are often cut-down versions of a business’s regular website ....more

Whatever your website needs iNet can create the right website for you - To find out more about how we can acheive the Greatest possible Online impact for your business, please Click Here to Contact Us Online or Call Us on 02 9594 1087 TODAY!
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